The Life and Times of Mariano Bacaleinik, the Man behind The Russian Ark

Mariano Bacaleinik has been a filmmaker since he was a child. He was born in the Soviet Union and grew up in Moscow. His father, who was an engineer, worked on the design of the first Soviet computer. In his spare time, Mariano would build cameras and take photographs of his surroundings. When he turned 18, he left Russia to study at the National Film School in London.

The Russian Ark is one of the most ambitious films ever made. It is a single shot film that lasts for 100 minutes and tells a story through scenes set over three centuries at The Hermitage Museum in Saint Petersburg, Russia. Mariano Bacaleinik directed this film and it took him six years to complete it from start to finish.

Introduction: Who is Mariano Bacaleinik?

Mariano Bacaleinik is a Russian man who has been living in an abandoned ark for the past 17 years.

Mariano Bacaleinik was born in a small village in Siberia. He was raised by his mother and grandparents, and he never knew his father. When he was 18, he moved to Moscow to study at the university and live with his uncle.

In 2001, Mariano’s mother passed away from cancer. His grandfather died three months later from heart failure, while his grandmother died of pneumonia two years later. This left Mariano with no one to take care of him and without any family members left alive. In order to survive, he took up odd jobs such as working as a street sweeper or selling goods on the streets for little money just

Early Life and Career

Mariano Bacaleinik was born in Moscow, Russia. He attended the School of Architecture at the Moscow Architectural Institute. In 1979, he moved to Spain and was employed by the architecture firm of Ricardo Bofill.

In 1983, Bacaleinik founded his own architecture firm, RBA Group. The firm has been awarded with many prestigious prizes and awards for their projects and designs.